4L60E Build-Up

When I break something I will post pictures of it here.
Lately, I have been having terrible problems with my transmission. I have had a few requests to show what has broken, so here you go.

Input sprag
This is a picture of the one I broke last week. It appears that I broke another one this evening (Oct 20) while on my way home from a cruise in.
Front planetary
3 or 4 transmissions ago, I broke one of the sun gears in the input planetary. This was a stock 4 pinion unit. I was told that I needed the new 5 pinion unit so it wouldn't break again; it did....

New style input sprag
I upgraded to this input sprag as it was supposed to be heavier duty. After only 312 miles, I'm having second thoughts.
5 pinion front planetary
I replaced the stock 4 pinion planet with this 5 pinion unit. It broke after 312 miles.


5 pinion rear planetary
While I was at it, I also replaced the weak 4 pinion rear planetary with a 5 pinion unit. It's broken now, too. 312 miles.
Wider band
I added a billet 2-3 servo. To handle the extra force of it, I went with a wider band with a thicker anchor. This is a good idea to keep the anchor from tearing away.

13 vane pump
The stock 10 vane part was replaced with a 13 vane piece.
Super sun shell
The factory sun shell was replaced with a piece fromt Art Carr. A different brand is shown here but you can see where they beef up the assembly in this picture.

.500 boost valve
I am no tranny expert, so I am unsure why you add the .500 boost valve. Other things done are: eliminated accumulators, valve body separator plate modifications, double spring on the boost valve, 2-3 billet servo, 3-4 Billet servo.

Billet 3-4 servo
This part was on the trans when I received it from the previous owner and has been left. It is a billet 3-4 servo. The 3-4 clutch pack has been upgraded from 5 to 9 clutch packs. Alto clutches and steels were used and instantly burned up since my transmission was incorrectly built. IF YOU ARE IN MID MISSOURI AND ARE LOOKING FOR A COMPETENT TRANSMISSION BUILDER, CALL MARK MICKE AT M&M TRANSMISSION. THIS MAN KNOWS HIS STUFF AND WAS ABLE TO BUILD MY TRANS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. 573-636-4136. All borken parts were from a different builder. He actually could build a transmission very well but was not familiar enough with the 4L60E to troubleshoot the problem. It ended up being that the force control motor could not control the tansmission line pressure quick enough which resulted in pressure spikes that broke the hard parts. To remedy this problem, you can get a kit from TransGo to add a vacuum modulator to your 4L60E. This piece has eliminated all of my transmission problems related to this.