New toys for Project Budget Z

I will add pictures and descriptions of what I am doing to Project Budget Z here

Turbo Tech kit is Sold.
This is a Turbo Technology 60-1 HiFi single turbo kit for an LT1 F body. I have sold it as I figured out I need a bigger turbo and this system could not support it without lots more work. I am now custom fabbing my own kit that will have a LOT bigger turbo...
Closeup of the Turbo and Wastegate
This kit was used but for a very short time. Before installation, all parts will be ceramic coated.
Here is the air to air intercooler I will be using with the turbo.
Carroll Supercharging Superfueler
This box is the brains of the Carroll Superfueller. All of the little adjustment pots allow you to custom tune your own fuel curve without the need of an FMU.
Plate part of the Superfueler
These 3 additional injectors will provide the extra fuel required by the turbo setup.
Electromotive ignition
When the turbo goes on, so will the Electromotive SDI ignition system. This system gets the high voltage out of the OptiSpark and utilizes 4 coil packs to distribute the spark. It uses the Opti's high and low resolution pulses for the PCM and a crank trigger to synchronize the coils. Timing is still controlled by the PCM but the SDI also allows retarding the timing proportionate to boost.
Turbo as of 10-06-02
I just ceramic coated the exhaust housing on the turbo. Along with it, I also ceramic coated my wastegate housing and started on the intercooler piping. After the intercooler piping is done, I will be coating all of the exhaust components.